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Chiral dibenzazepine-based P-alkene ligands and their Rhodium complexes: catalytic asymmetric 1, 4 additions to enones
R Mariz, A Briceno, R Dorta, R Dorta
Organometallics 27 (24), 6605-6613, 2008
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Hemilabile P-Alkene Ligands in Chiral Rhodium and Copper Complexes: Catalytic Asymmetric 1,4 Additions to Enones. 2,
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Solid-state synthesis of head-to-tail photodimers from supramolecular assemblies directed by charge-assisted hydrogen bonds
M Linares, A Briceño
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B Cova, A Briceño, R Atencio
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Exploiting the use of hydrogen bonding and metal-coordination in the self-assembly of photoreactive multicomponent networks
Y Hill, A Briceño
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Supramolecular building blocks from modular self-assembly of biimidazolium species. Crystal structure of 2-(2-1H-imidazolyl)-1H-imidazolium chloride monohydrate
K Ramırez, JA Reyes, A Briceño, R Atencio
CrystEngComm 4 (38), 208-212, 2002
Synthesis and Characterization of Rhodium Complexes with Phosphine-Stabilized Germylenes
JM García, E Ocando-Mavárez, T Kato, DS Coll, A Briceño, ...
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Novel MoO 2/carbon hierarchical nano/microcomposites: synthesis, characterization, solid state transformations and thiophene HDS activity
C Avendaño, A Briceño, FJ Méndez, JL Brito, G González, E Cañizales, ...
Dalton Transactions 42 (8), 2822-2830, 2013
Mathematical modeling of hydrogels swelling based on the finite element method
A Blanco, G González, E Casanova, ME Pirela, A Brice
Scientific Research Publishing, 2013
(S)-5-Benzylimidazolidine-2, 4-dione monohydrate
GE Delgado, AJ Mora, J Uzcátegui, A Bahsas, A Briceño
Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications 63 (8 …, 2007
Combining topochemical [2+ 2] photoreactions and hydrothermal isomerisation for the regioselective and quantitative preparation of rtct-pyridylcyclobutanes
Y Hill, M Linares, A Briceño
New Journal of Chemistry 36 (3), 554-557, 2012
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