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Photocatalysis with Chromium‐Doped TiO2: Bulk and Surface Doping
S Ould‐Chikh, O Proux, P Afanasiev, L Khrouz, MN Hedhili, DH Anjum, ...
ChemSusChem 7 (5), 1361-1371, 2014
Visible‐Light‐Mediated Metal‐Free Synthesis of Trifluoromethylselenolated Arenes
C Ghiazza, V Debrauwer, C Monnereau, L Khrouz, M Médebielle, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (36), 11781-11785, 2018
Visible-light promoted fluoroalkylselenolation: toward the reactivity of unsaturated compounds
C Ghiazza, L Khrouz, C Monnereau, T Billard, A Tlili
Chemical Communications 54 (71), 9909-9912, 2018
Reduced {001}-TiO 2− x photocatalysts: Noble-metal-free CO 2 photoreduction for selective CH 4 evolution
W Fang, L Khrouz, Y Zhou, B Shen, C Dong, M Xing, S Mishra, S Daniele, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (21), 13875-13881, 2017
Room temperature magnetic switchability assisted by hysteretic valence tautomerism in a layered two-dimensional manganese-radical coordination framework
A Lannes, Y Suffren, JB Tommasino, R Chiriac, F Toche, L Khrouz, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (50), 16493-16501, 2016
Comparative study of gamma-irradiated PP and PE polyolefins part 2: Properties of PP/PE blends obtained by reactive processing with radicals obtained by high shear or gamma …
E Fel, L Khrouz, V Massardier, P Cassagnau, L Bonneviot
Polymer 82, 217-227, 2016
Unraveling the Catalytic Cycle of Tertiary Phosphine Oxides Reduction with Hydrosiloxane and Ti(OiPr)4 through EPR and 29Si NMR Spectroscopy
C Petit, E Poli, A Favre-Réguillon, L Khrouz, S Denis-Quanquin, ...
ACS Catalysis 3 (7), 1431-1438, 2013
New avenues in radical trifluoromethylselenylation with trifluoromethyl tolueneselenosulfonate
C Ghiazza, C Monnereau, L Khrouz, M Médebielle, T Billard, A Tlili
Synlett 30 (07), 777-782, 2019
Metal‐Free Visible‐Light Synthesis of Arylsulfonyl Fluorides: Scope and Mechanism
D Louvel, A Chelagha, J Rouillon, PA Payard, L Khrouz, C Monnereau, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 27 (34), 8704-8708, 2021
Hemicryptophane-assisted electron transfer: a structural and electronic study
O Perraud, JB Tommasino, V Robert, B Albela, L Khrouz, L Bonneviot, ...
Dalton Transactions 42 (5), 1530-1535, 2013
Metal‐Free SF6 Activation: A New SF5‐Based Reagent Enables Deoxyfluorination and Pentafluorosulfanylation Reactions
A Taponard, T Jarrosson, L Khrouz, M Médebielle, J Broggi, A Tlili
Angewandte Chemie 134 (27), e202204623, 2022
Mononuclear–Dinuclear Equilibrium of Grafted Copper Complexes Confined in the Nanochannels of MCM‐41 Silica
K Zhang, KF Lam, B Albela, T Xue, L Khrouz, QW Hou, EH Yuan, MY He, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (50), 14258-14266, 2011
Polymerization photoinitiators with near-resonance enhanced two-photon absorption cross-Section: Toward high-resolution photoresist with improved sensitivity
C Arnoux, T Konishi, E Van Elslande, EA Poutougnigni, JC Mulatier, ...
Macromolecules 53 (21), 9264-9278, 2020
Fluoroalkylselenolation of Alkyl Silanes/Trifluoroborates under Metal‐Free Visible‐Light Photoredox Catalysis
C Ghiazza, L Khrouz, T Billard, C Monnereau, A Tlili
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2020 (10), 1559-1566, 2020
Tailoring the Reactivity of the Langlois Reagent and Styrenes with Cyanoarenes Organophotocatalysts under Visible‐Light
D Louvel, A Souibgui, A Taponard, J Rouillon, M ben Mosbah, ...
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 364 (1), 139-148, 2022
Heterogeneous singlet oxygen generation: in-operando visible light EPR spectroscopy
C Mendoza, A Désert, L Khrouz, CA Páez, S Parola, B Heinrichs
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 25124-25129, 2021
Copper (II)-phenanthroline hybrid material as efficient catalyst for the multicomponent synthesis of 1, 2, 3-triazoles via sequential azide formation/1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition
A Nunes, L Djakovitch, L Khrouz, FX Felpin, V Dufaud
Molecular Catalysis 437, 150-157, 2017
Thermally-induced hysteretic valence tautomeric conversions in the solid state via two-step labile electron transfers in manganese-nitronyl nitroxide 2D-frameworks
C Lecourt, Y Izumi, L Khrouz, F Toche, R Chiriac, N Bélanger-Desmarais, ...
Dalton Transactions 49 (44), 15646-15662, 2020
Visible-light-mediated synthesis of trifluoromethylthiolated arenes
C Ghiazza, C Monnereau, L Khrouz, T Billard, A Tlili
Synthesis 51 (14), 2865-2870, 2019
Ammonia Synthesis at Room Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure from N2: A Boron‐Radical Approach
S Bennaamane, B Rialland, L Khrouz, M Fustier‐Boutignon, C Bucher, ...
Angewandte Chemie 135 (3), e202209102, 2023
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