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Colossal ionic conductivity at interfaces of epitaxial ZrO2: Y2O3/SrTiO3 heterostructures
J Garcia-Barriocanal, A Rivera-Calzada, M Varela, Z Sefrioui, E Iborra, ...
Science 321 (5889), 676-680, 2008
Irradiation-free, columnar defects comprised of self-assembled nanodots and nanorods resulting in strongly enhanced flux-pinning in YBa2Cu3O7− δ films
A Goyal, S Kang, KJ Leonard, PM Martin, AA Gapud, M Varela, ...
Superconductor Science and Technology 18 (11), 1533, 2005
Few‐layer antimonene by liquid‐phase exfoliation
C Gibaja, D Rodriguez‐San‐Miguel, P Ares, J Gómez‐Herrero, M Varela, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (46), 14345-14349, 2016
Spectroscopic imaging of single atoms within a bulk solid
M Varela, SD Findlay, AR Lupini, HM Christen, AY Borisevich, N Dellby, ...
Physical Review Letters 92 (9), 095502, 2004
Nanoscale strain-induced pair suppression as a vortex-pinning mechanism in high-temperature superconductors
A Llordes, A Palau, J Gázquez, M Coll, R Vlad, A Pomar, J Arbiol, ...
Nature materials 11 (4), 329-336, 2012
Consumo de drogas en jóvenes universitarios y su relación de riesgo y protección con los factores psicosociales
D Cáceres, I Salazar, M Varela, J Tovar
Universitas psychologica 5 (3), 521-534, 2006
Atomic-resolution imaging of oxidation states in manganites
M Varela, MP Oxley, W Luo, J Tao, M Watanabe, AR Lupini, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 79 (8), 085117, 2009
Production of ordered silicon nanocrystals by low-energy ion sputtering
R Gago, L Vázquez, R Cuerno, M Varela, C Ballesteros, JM Albella
Applied Physics Letters 78 (21), 3316-3318, 2001
Materials characterization in the aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope
M Varela, AR Lupini, K Benthem, AY Borisevich, MF Chisholm, N Shibata, ...
Annu. Rev. Mater. Res. 35 (1), 539-569, 2005
Ferromagnetic/superconducting proximity effect in superlattices
Z Sefrioui, D Arias, V Pena, JE Villegas, M Varela, P Prieto, C León, ...
Physical Review B 67 (21), 214511, 2003
Fundamental insights into the degradation and stabilization of thin layer black phosphorus
G Abellán, S Wild, V Lloret, N Scheuschner, R Gillen, U Mundloch, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (30), 10432-10440, 2017
Noncovalent functionalization of black phosphorus
G Abellán, V Lloret, U Mundloch, M Marcia, C Neiss, A Görling, M Varela, ...
Angewandte Chemie 128 (47), 14777-14782, 2016
Spin filtering through ferromagnetic tunnel barriers
M Gajek, M Bibes, A Barthélémy, K Bouzehouane, S Fusil, M Varela, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 72 (2), 020406, 2005
Enhanced current transport at grain boundaries in high-Tc superconductors
RF Klie, JP Buban, M Varela, A Franceschetti, C Jooss, Y Zhu, ...
Nature 435 (7041), 475-478, 2005
Electric control of magnetism at the Fe/BaTiO3 interface
G Radaelli, D Petti, E Plekhanov, I Fina, P Torelli, BR Salles, M Cantoni, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 3404, 2014
Direct Measurement of the Low-Temperature Spin-State Transition in
RF Klie, JC Zheng, Y Zhu, M Varela, J Wu, C Leighton
Physical Review Letters 99 (4), 047203, 2007
Coupling of superconductors through a half-metallic ferromagnet: Evidence for a long-range proximity effect
V Pena, Z Sefrioui, D Arias, C Leon, J Santamaria, M Varela, ...
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Asymmetric orbital-lattice interactions in ultrathin correlated oxide films
J Chakhalian, JM Rondinelli, J Liu, BA Gray, M Kareev, EJ Moon, ...
Physical review letters 107 (11), 116805, 2011
Conducting interfaces between band insulating oxides: The LaGaO3/SrTiO3 heterostructure
P Perna, D Maccariello, M Radovic, U Scotti di Uccio, I Pallecchi, ...
Applied Physics Letters 97 (15), 2010
Growth behavior of carbon nanotubes on multilayered metal catalyst film in chemical vapor deposition
H Cui, G Eres, JY Howe, A Puretkzy, M Varela, DB Geohegan, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 374 (3-4), 222-228, 2003
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