Maxim Gaponenko
Maxim Gaponenko
University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
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Temperature-dependent photoluminescence of PbS quantum dots in glass: Evidence of exciton state splitting and carrier trapping
MS Gaponenko, AA Lutich, NA Tolstik, AA Onushchenko, AM Malyarevich, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 82 (12), 125320, 2010
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M Gaponenko, PW Metz, A Härkönen, A Heuer, T Leinonen, M Guina, ...
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N Modsching, C Paradis, F Labaye, M Gaponenko, IJ Graumann, ...
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Extreme ultraviolet light source at a megahertz repetition rate based on high-harmonic generation inside a mode-locked thin-disk laser oscillator
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Applied Physics B 93, 787-791, 2008
Passive mode locking of 2.09 μm Cr,Tm,Ho:Y3Sc2Al3O12 laser using PbS quantum-dot-doped glass
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MS Gaponenko, AA Onushchenko, VE Kisel, AM Malyarevich, ...
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MS Gaponenko, PA Loiko, NV Gusakova, KV Yumashev, NV Kuleshov, ...
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Efficient diode-pumped Tm: KYW 1.9-μm microchip laser with 1 W cw output power
M Gaponenko, N Kuleshov, T Südmeyer
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