Shiv Shanker Pandey
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Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria Dietzia natronolimnaea modulates the expression of stress responsive genes providing protection of wheat from salinity stress
N Bharti, SS Pandey, D Barnawal, VK Patel, A Kalra
Scientific reports 6 (1), 34768, 2016
Plant growth‐promoting rhizobacteria enhance wheat salt and drought stress tolerance by altering endogenous phytohormone levels and TaCTR1/TaDREB2 expression
D Barnawal, N Bharti, SS Pandey, A Pandey, CS Chanotiya, A Kalra
Physiologia plantarum 161 (4), 502-514, 2017
Light Intensity-Dependent Modulation of Chlorophyll b Biosynthesis and Photosynthesis by Overexpression of Chlorophyllide a Oxygenase in Tobacco
AK Biswal, GK Pattanayak, SS Pandey, S Leelavathi, VS Reddy, ...
Plant physiology 159 (1), 433-449, 2012
Fungal endophytes of Catharanthus roseus enhance vindoline content by modulating structural and regulatory genes related to terpenoid indole alkaloid …
SS Pandey, S Singh, CSV Babu, K Shanker, NK Srivastava, AK Shukla, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 26583, 2016
Endophytes of opium poppy differentially modulate host plant productivity and genes for the biosynthetic pathway of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids
SS Pandey, S Singh, CSV Babu, K Shanker, NK Srivastava, A Kalra
Planta 243, 1097-1114, 2016
ACC-Deaminase-Producing Endophyte Brachybacterium paraconglomeratum Strain SMR20 Ameliorates Chlorophytum Salinity Stress via Altering Phytohormone …
D Barnawal, N Bharti, A Tripathi, SS Pandey, CS Chanotiya, A Kalra
Journal of plant growth regulation 35, 553-564, 2016
Endophytes of Withania somnifera modulate in planta content and the site of withanolide biosynthesis
SS Pandey, S Singh, H Pandey, M Srivastava, T Ray, S Soni, A Pandey, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 5450, 2018
ACC deaminase‐containing plant growth‐promoting rhizobacteria protect Papaver somniferum from downy mildew
D Barnawal, SS Pandey, N Bharti, A Pandey, T Ray, S Singh, ...
Journal of applied microbiology 122 (5), 1286-1298, 2017
Meeting the challenge of stevioside production in the hairy roots of Stevia rebaudiana by probing the underlying process
H Pandey, P Pandey, SS Pandey, S Singh, S Banerjee
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) 126, 511-521, 2016
Arnebia euchroma, a Plant Species of Cold Desert in the Himalayas, Harbors Beneficial Cultivable Endophytes in Roots and Leaves
R Jain, P Bhardwaj, SS Pandey, S Kumar
Frontiers in Microbiology 12, 696667, 2021
Application of essential oils as a natural and alternate method for inhibiting and inducing the sprouting of potato tubers
S Shukla, SS Pandey, M Chandra, A Pandey, N Bharti, D Barnawal, ...
Food chemistry 284, 171-179, 2019
Endophytes enhance the production of root alkaloids ajmalicine and serpentine by modulating the terpenoid indole alkaloid pathway in Catharanthus roseus roots
S Singh, SS Pandey, K Shanker, A Kalra
Journal of applied microbiology 128 (4), 1128-1142, 2020
Govindjee and Tripathy, BC (2012) Light Intensity-Dependent Modulation of Chlorophyll b Biosynthesis and Photosynthesis by Overexpression of Chlorophyllidea Oxygenase in Tobacco
AK Biswal, GK Pattanayak, SS Pandey, S Leelavathi, VS Reddy
Plant Physiology 159 (1), 433-449, 0
Endophytic consortium with diverse gene-regulating capabilities of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids biosynthetic pathway can enhance endogenous morphine biosynthesis in Papaver …
T Ray, SS Pandey, A Pandey, M Srivastava, K Shanker, A Kalra
Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 925, 2019
Vulnerability of soil microbiome to monocropping of medicinal and aromatic plants and its restoration through intercropping and organic amendments
P Misra, D Maji, A Awasthi, SS Pandey, A Yadav, A Pandey, D Saikia, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 2604, 2019
Rapid budding EMS mutants of Synechocystis PCC 6803 producing carbohydrate or lipid enriched biomass
VK Patel, D Maji, SS Pandey, PK Rout, S Sundaram, A Kalra
Algal research 16, 36-45, 2016
Genome-wide transcriptome and proteome analyses of tobacco psaA and psbA deletion mutants
S Leelavathi, A Bhardwaj, S Kumar, A Dass, R Pathak, SS Pandey, ...
Plant molecular biology 76, 407-423, 2011
On carbon sequestration efficient clones/genotypes selection for high essential oil yield over environments in Khus (Chrysopogon zizanioides (L.) Roberty)
RK Lal, R Maurya, CS Chanotiya, P Gupta, A Mishra, S Srivastava, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 145, 112139, 2020
Plant Probiotics–Endophytes pivotal to plant health
SS Pandey, R Jain, P Bhardwaj, A Thakur, M Kumari, S Bhushan, ...
Microbiological Research, 127148, 2022
Genetic variability in peas (Pisum sativum)
S Ranjan, M Kumar, SS Pandey
Legume Research-An International Journal 29 (4), 311-312, 2006
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