Shiv Shanker Pandey
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Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria Dietzia natronolimnaea modulates the expression of stress responsive genes providing protection of wheat from salinity stress
N Bharti, SS Pandey, D Barnawal, VK Patel, A Kalra
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-16, 2016
Plant growth‐promoting rhizobacteria enhance wheat salt and drought stress tolerance by altering endogenous phytohormone levels and TaCTR1/TaDREB2 expression
D Barnawal, N Bharti, SS Pandey, A Pandey, CS Chanotiya, A Kalra
Physiologia plantarum 161 (4), 502-514, 2017
Light Intensity-Dependent Modulation of Chlorophyll b Biosynthesis and Photosynthesis by Overexpression of Chlorophyllide a Oxygenase in Tobacco
AK Biswal, GK Pattanayak, SS Pandey, S Leelavathi, VS Reddy, ...
plant physiology 159 (1), 433-449, 2012
Fungal endophytes of Catharanthus roseus enhance vindoline content by modulating structural and regulatory genes related to terpenoid indole alkaloid …
SS Pandey, S Singh, CSV Babu, K Shanker, NK Srivastava, AK Shukla, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 26583, 2016
Endophytes of opium poppy differentially modulate host plant productivity and genes for the biosynthetic pathway of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids
SS Pandey, S Singh, CSV Babu, K Shanker, NK Srivastava, A Kalra
Planta 243, 1097-1114, 2016
ACC-Deaminase-Producing Endophyte Brachybacterium paraconglomeratum Strain SMR20 Ameliorates Chlorophytum Salinity Stress via Altering Phytohormone …
D Barnawal, N Bharti, A Tripathi, SS Pandey, CS Chanotiya, A Kalra
Journal of plant growth regulation 35, 553-564, 2016
Endophytes of Withania somnifera modulate in planta content and the site of withanolide biosynthesis
SS Pandey, S Singh, H Pandey, M Srivastava, T Ray, S Soni, A Pandey, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-19, 2018
ACC deaminase‐containing plant growth‐promoting rhizobacteria protect Papaver somniferum from downy mildew
D Barnawal, SS Pandey, N Bharti, A Pandey, T Ray, S Singh, ...
Journal of applied microbiology 122 (5), 1286-1298, 2017
Meeting the challenge of stevioside production in the hairy roots of Stevia rebaudiana by probing the underlying process
H Pandey, P Pandey, SS Pandey, S Singh, S Banerjee
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) 126, 511-521, 2016
Application of essential oils as a natural and alternate method for inhibiting and inducing the sprouting of potato tubers
S Shukla, SS Pandey, M Chandra, A Pandey, N Bharti, D Barnawal, ...
Food chemistry 284, 171-179, 2019
Endophytic consortium with diverse gene-regulating capabilities of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids biosynthetic pathway can enhance endogenous morphine biosynthesis in Papaver …
T Ray, SS Pandey, A Pandey, M Srivastava, K Shanker, A Kalra
Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 925, 2019
Rapid budding EMS mutants of Synechocystis PCC 6803 producing carbohydrate or lipid enriched biomass
VK Patel, D Maji, SS Pandey, PK Rout, S Sundaram, A Kalra
Algal research 16, 36-45, 2016
Govindjee and Tripathy, BC (2012) Light Intensity-Dependent Modulation of Chlorophyll b Biosynthesis and Photosynthesis by Overexpression of Chlorophyllidea Oxygenase in Tobacco
AK Biswal, GK Pattanayak, SS Pandey, S Leelavathi, VS Reddy
Plant Physiology 159 (1), 433-449, 0
Genome-wide transcriptome and proteome analyses of tobacco psaA and psbA deletion mutants
S Leelavathi, A Bhardwaj, S Kumar, A Dass, R Pathak, SS Pandey, ...
Plant molecular biology 76, 407-423, 2011
On carbon sequestration efficient clones/genotypes selection for high essential oil yield over environments in Khus (Chrysopogon zizanioides (L.) Roberty)
RK Lal, R Maurya, CS Chanotiya, P Gupta, A Mishra, S Srivastava, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 145, 112139, 2020
Arnebia euchroma, a Plant Species of Cold Desert in the Himalayas, Harbors Beneficial Cultivable Endophytes in Roots and Leaves
R Jain, P Bhardwaj, SS Pandey, S Kumar
Frontiers in Microbiology 12, 696667, 2021
Endophytes enhance the production of root alkaloids ajmalicine and serpentine by modulating the terpenoid indole alkaloid pathway in Catharanthus roseus roots
S Singh, SS Pandey, K Shanker, A Kalra
Journal of applied microbiology 128 (4), 1128-1142, 2020
Vulnerability of soil microbiome to monocropping of medicinal and aromatic plants and its restoration through intercropping and organic amendments
P Misra, D Maji, A Awasthi, SS Pandey, A Yadav, A Pandey, D Saikia, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 2604, 2019
Vanillin production in metabolically engineered Beta vulgaris hairy roots through heterologous expression of Pseudomonas fluorescens HCHL gene
P Singh, S Khan, SS Pandey, M Singh, S Banerjee, Y Kitamura, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 74, 839-848, 2015
Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on winter maize in calcareous saline alkali soil
UK Prasad, HC Thakur, SS Pandey, RD Pandey, NN Sharma
Indian Journal of Agronomy 32 (3), 217-220, 1987
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