Joshua Telser
Joshua Telser
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Roosevelt University
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Free radicals and antioxidants in normal physiological functions and human disease
M Valko, D Leibfritz, J Moncol, MTD Cronin, M Mazur, J Telser
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Role of oxygen radicals in DNA damage and cancer incidence
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J Krzystek, A Ozarowski, J Telser
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JM Zadrozny, J Telser, JR Long
Polyhedron 64, 209-217, 2013
Synthesis and characterization of DNA oligomers and duplexes containing covalently attached molecular labels: comparison of biotin, fluorescein, and pyrene labels by …
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AS Hakemian, KC Kondapalli, J Telser, BM Hoffman, TL Stemmler, ...
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DNA oligomers and duplexes containing a covalently attached derivative of tris (2, 2'-bipyridine) ruthenium (II): synthesis and characterization by thermodynamic and optical …
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Proton NMR assignment and melting temperature study of cis-syn and trans-syn thymine dimer containing duplexes of d (CGTATTATGC). cntdot. d (GCATAATACG)
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17O ENDOR Detection of a Solvent-Derived Ni−(OHx)−Fe Bridge That Is Lost upon Activation of the Hydrogenase from Desulfovibrio gigas
M Carepo, DL Tierney, CD Brondino, TC Yang, A Pamplona, J Telser, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (2), 281-286, 2002
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J Krzystek, J Telser, LA Pardi, DP Goldberg, BM Hoffman, LC Brunel
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DNA duplexes covalently labeled at two sites: synthesis and characterization by steady-state and time-resolved optical spectroscopies
J Telser, KA Cruickshank, LE Morrison, TL Netzel, CK Chan
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Quantitative dependence of MR signal intensity on tissue concentration of Gd (HP-DO3A) in the nephrectomized rat
P Wedeking, CH Sotak, J Telser, K Kumar, CA Chang, MF Tweedle
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pH dependence of relaxivities and hydration numbers of gadolinium (III) complexes of linear amino carboxylates
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Reinvestigation of the electronic and magnetic properties of ruthenium butyrate chloride
J Telser, RS Drago
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Definitive spectroscopic determination of zero-field splitting in high-spin cobalt (II)
J Krzystek, SA Zvyagin, A Ozarowski, AT Fiedler, TC Brunold, J Telser
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Frequency-domain magnetic resonance spectroscopy of molecular magnetic materials
J Van Slageren, S Vongtragool, B Gorshunov, AA Mukhin, N Karl, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 5 (18), 3837-3843, 2003
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