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Conservation of farmland birds faces different challenges in Western and Central-Eastern Europe
P Tryjanowski, T Hartel, A Báldi, P Szymanski, M Tobolka, I Herzon, ...
Acta Ornithologica 46 (1), 1-12, 2011
Urban and rural habitats differ in number and type of bird feeders and in bird species consuming supplementary food
P Tryjanowski, P Skórka, TH Sparks, W Biaduń, T Brauze, T Hetmański, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22, 15097-15103, 2015
Are naringenin and quercetin useful chemicals in pest-management strategies?
S Goławska, I Sprawka, I Łukasik, A Goławski
Journal of pest science 87, 173-180, 2014
Urban habitats and feeders both contribute to flight initiation distance reduction in birds
AP Møller, P Tryjanowski, M Díaz, Z Kwieciński, P Indykiewicz, C Mitrus, ...
Behavioral ecology 26 (3), 861-865, 2015
Sex differences in nest defence by the red-backed shrike Lanius collurio: effects of offspring age, brood size, and stage of breeding season
P Tryjanowski, A Goławski
Journal of ethology 22 (1), 13-16, 2004
Urbanization affects neophilia and risk-taking at bird-feeders
P Tryjanowski, AP Møller, F Morelli, W Biaduń, T Brauze, M Ciach, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 28575, 2016
Winter bird assemblages in rural and urban environments: a national survey
P Tryjanowski, TH Sparks, W Biaduń, T Brauze, T Hetmański, R Martyka, ...
PloS one 10 (6), e0130299, 2015
Habitat use of Yellowhammers Emberiza citrinella, Ortolan Buntings E. hortulana, and Corn Buntings Miliaria calandra in farmland of east-central Poland
A Golawski, A Dombrowski
Ornis Fennica 79 (4), 164-172, 2002
The influence of territory characteristics and food supply on the breeding performance of the Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio) in an extensively farmed region of …
A Goławski, W Meissner
Ecological Research 23, 347-353, 2008
Who started first? Bird species visiting novel birdfeeders
P Tryjanowski, F Morelli, P Skórka, A Goławski, P Indykiewicz, ...
Scientific Reports 5 (1), 11858, 2015
Habitat preference in territories of the red-backed shrike Lanius collurio and their food richness in an extensive agriculture landscape
A Golawski, S Golawska
Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 54 (1), 89-97, 2008
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) apigenin glycosides and their effect on the pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum)
S Goławska, I Łukasik, A Goławski, I Kapusta, B Janda
Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 19 (5), 913-919, 2010
Disperse or stay? Exceptionally high breeding-site infidelity in the Red-backed Shrike Lanius collurio
P Tryjanowski, A Goławski, S Kuźniak, T Mokwa, M Antczak
Ardea 95 (2), 316-320, 2007
Effect of host plants on antioxidant system of pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum
Bulletin of Insectology 64 (2), 153-158, 2011
What is more important: nest-site concealment or aggressive behaviour? A case study of the red-backed shrike, Lanius collurio
A Goławski, C Mitrus
Folia Zool 57 (4), 403-410, 2008
Changes in numbers of breeding birds in an agricultural landscape of east-central Poland
A Dombrowski, A Golawski
VOGELWELT-BERLIN- 123 (2), 79-88, 2002
Costly replacement: how do different stages of nest failure affect clutch replacement in the redbacked shrikes Lanius collurio?
M Antczak, A Golawski, S Kuzniak, P Tryjanowski
Ethology Ecology & Evolution 21 (2), 127-136, 2009
Habitat structure, breeding stage and sex affect hunting success of breeding Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio)
F Morelli, E Mróz, F Pruscini, R Santolini, A Goławski, P Tryjanowski
Ethology Ecology & Evolution 28 (2), 136-147, 2016
Impact of weather on partial loss of nestlings in the red-backed shrike Lanius collurio in eastern Poland
A Goławski
Acta Ornithologica 41 (1), 15-20, 2006
Habitat use of the Barn Owl Tyto alba and the Little Owl Athene noctua in central-eastern Poland
Z Kasprzykowski, A Golawski
Biological Letters(Warsaw) 43 (1), 33-39, 2006
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