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In vivo anti-diabetic activity of derivatives of isoliquiritigenin and liquiritigenin
R Gaur, KS Yadav, RK Verma, NP Yadav, RS Bhakuni
Phytomedicine 21 (4), 415-422, 2014
Synthesis of a series of novel dihydroartemisinin monomers and dimers containing chalcone as a linker and their anticancer activity
R Gaur, AS Pathania, FA Malik, RS Bhakuni, RK Verma
European journal of medicinal chemistry 122, 232-246, 2016
Drug resistance reversal potential of isoliquiritigenin and liquiritigenin isolated from Glycyrrhiza glabra against methicillin‐resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
R Gaur, VK Gupta, P Singh, A Pal, MP Darokar, RS Bhakuni
Phytotherapy research 30 (10), 1708-1715, 2016
Insect feeding deterrent and growth inhibitory activities of scopoletin isolated from Artemisia annua against Spilarctia obliqua (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
AK Tripathi, RS Bhakuni, S Upadhyay, R Gaur
Insect Science 18 (2), 189-194, 2011
A novel bi-functional chalcone inhibits multi-drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus and potentiates the activity of fluoroquinolones
VK Gupta, R Gaur, A Sharma, J Akther, M Saini, RS Bhakuni, R Pathania
Bioorganic Chemistry 83, 214-225, 2019
Detection and quantification of flavoalkaloids in different tea cultivars and during tea processing using UPLC-TOF-MS/MS
P Zhang, W Wang, XH Liu, Z Yang, R Gaur, JJ Wang, JP Ke, GH Bao
Food Chemistry 339, 127864, 2021
Isomeric flavonoids of Artemisia annua (Asterales: Asteraceae) as insect growth inhibitors against Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
N Anshul, RS Bhakuni, R Gaur, D Singh
Florida Entomologist 96 (3), 897-903, 2013
In vitro and in vivo synergistic interaction of substituted chalcone derivatives with norfloxacin against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
R Gaur, VK Gupta, A Pal, MP Darokar, RS Bhakuni, B Kumar
Rsc Advances 5 (8), 5830-5845, 2015
Biotransformation of artemisinin using cell suspension cultures of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G.Don and Lavandula officinalis L.
S Patel, R Gaur, P Verma, RS Bhakuni, A Mathur
Biotechnology letters 32, 1167-1171, 2010
Molecular modeling based synthesis and evaluation of in vitro anticancer activity of indolyl chalcones
R Gaur, D K Yadav, S Kumar, M P Darokar, F Khan, R Singh Bhakuni
Current topics in medicinal chemistry 15 (11), 1003-1012, 2015
In vitro antimalarial activity and molecular modeling studies of novel artemisinin derivatives
R Gaur, HS Cheema, Y Kumar, SP Singh, DK Yadav, MP Darokar, F Khan, ...
RSC advances 5 (59), 47959-47974, 2015
Liquiritigenin derivatives and their hepatotoprotective activity
R Gaur, S Kumar, P Trivedi, RS Bhakuni, DU Bawankule, A Pal, ...
Natural Product Communications 5 (8), 1934578X1000500819, 2010
In vitro antimalarial studies of novel artemisinin biotransformed products and its derivatives
R Gaur, MP Darokar, PV Ajayakumar, RS Shukla, RS Bhakuni
Phytochemistry 107, 135-140, 2014
Novel cinnamoylated flavoalkaloids identified in tea with acetylcholinesterase inhibition effect
R Gaur, JP Ke, P Zhang, Z Yang, GH Bao
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 68 (10), 3140-3148, 2020
Synthesis, antitubercular activity, and molecular modeling studies of analogues of isoliquiritigenin and liquiritigenin, bioactive components from Glycyrrhiza glabra
R Gaur, JP Thakur, DK Yadav, DS Kapkoti, RK Verma, N Gupta, F Khan, ...
Medicinal Chemistry Research 24, 3494-3503, 2015
Glycyrrhiza glabra (Linn.) and Lavandula officinalis (L.) cell suspension cultures-based biotransformation of β-artemether
S Patel, R Gaur, M Upadhyaya, A Mathur, AK Mathur, RS Bhakuni
Journal of natural medicines 65, 646-650, 2011
Synthesis, molecular modelling studies of indolyl chalcone derivatives and their antimalarial activity evaluation
Jyoti, R Gaur, Y Kumar, HS Cheema, DS Kapkoti, MP Darokar, F Khan, ...
Natural Product Research 35 (19), 3261-3268, 2021
Novel biotransformation processes of artemisinic acid to their hydroxylated derivatives 3β-hydroxyartemisinic acid and 3β, 15-dihydroxyartemisinic by fungus Trichothecium …
R Gaur, S Tiwari, A Jakhmola, JP Thakur, RK Verma, R Pandey, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 106, 46-55, 2014
Biotransformation of artemisinin derivatives by Glycyrrhiza glabra, Lavandula officinalis, and Panax quinquefolium
R Gaur, S Patel, RK Verma, A Mathur, RS Bhakuni
Medicinal Chemistry Research 23, 1202-1206, 2014
Recent Development in Fluorescent Probes for Copper Ion Detection
M Ali, N Memon, MA Mallah, AS Channa, R Gaur, Y Jiahai
Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 22 (10), 835-854, 2022
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