Hélène Bea
Hélène Bea
Spintec, University Grenoble Alpes
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Spintronics with multiferroics
H Béa, M Gajek, M Bibes, A Barthélémy
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (43), 434221, 2008
Influence of parasitic phases on the properties of BiFeO3 epitaxial thin films
H Béa, M Bibes, A Barthélémy, K Bouzehouane, E Jacquet, A Khodan, ...
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Evidence for room-temperature multiferroicity in a compound with a giant axial ratio
H Béa, B Dupé, S Fusil, R Mattana, E Jacquet, B Warot-Fonrose, ...
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Fractal Dimension and Size Scaling of Domains in Thin Films of Multiferroic
G Catalan, H Béa, S Fusil, M Bibes, P Paruch, A Barthélémy, JF Scott
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H Béa, M Bibes, F Ott, B Dupé, XH Zhu, S Petit, S Fusil, C Deranlot, ...
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H Béa, M Bibes, S Petit, J Kreisel, A Barthélémy
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Investigation on the origin of the magnetic moment of thin films by advanced x-ray characterizations
H Béa, M Bibes, S Fusil, K Bouzehouane, E Jacquet, K Rode, P Bencok, ...
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M Schott, A Bernand-Mantel, L Ranno, S Pizzini, J Vogel, H Béa, ...
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Large-voltage tuning of Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interactions: A route toward dynamic control of skyrmion chirality
T Srivastava, M Schott, R Juge, V Krizakova, M Belmeguenai, ...
Nano letters 18 (8), 4871-4877, 2018
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H Béa, M Bibes, S Cherifi, F Nolting, B Warot-Fonrose, S Fusil, G Herranz, ...
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Combining half-metals and multiferroics into epitaxial heterostructures for spintronics
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SG Je, P Vallobra, T Srivastava, JC Rojas-Sánchez, TH Pham, M Hehn, ...
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Irradiation-induced Ag nanocluster nucleation in silicate glasses: Analogy with photography
R Espiau de Lamaestre, H Béa, H Bernas, J Belloni, JL Marignier
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Penetration depth and absorption mechanisms of spin currents in Ir20Mn80 and Fe50Mn50 polycrystalline films by ferromagnetic resonance and spin pumping
P Merodio, A Ghosh, C Lemonias, E Gautier, U Ebels, M Chshiev, H Béa, ...
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H Béa, P Paruch
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Y Jibiki, M Goto, E Tamura, J Cho, S Miki, R Ishikawa, H Nomura, ...
Applied Physics Letters 117 (8), 2020
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