Marco Deiana
Marco Deiana
Assistant Professor, Institute of Advanced Materials, Wrocław University of Science and Technology
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A Light‐up Logic Platform for Selective Recognition of Parallel G‐Quadruplex Structures via Disaggregation‐Induced Emission
M Deiana, K Chand, J Jamroskovic, I Obi, E Chorell, N Sabouri
Angewandte Chemie 132 (2), 906-912, 2020
Selective parallel G-quadruplex recognition by a NIR-to-NIR two-photon squaraine
V Grande, CA Shen, M Deiana, M Dudek, J Olesiak-Banska, ...
Chemical Science 9 (44), 8375-8381, 2018
Quinazoline ligands induce cancer cell death through selective STAT3 inhibition and G-quadruplex stabilization
J Jamroskovic, M Doimo, K Chand, I Obi, R Kumar, K Brännström, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (6), 2876-2888, 2020
Photochromic switching of the DNA helicity induced by azobenzene derivatives
M Deiana, Z Pokladek, J Olesiak-Banska, P Młynarz, M Samoc, ...
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 28605, 2016
Two-photon absorption and two-photon-induced isomerization of azobenzene compounds
M Dudek, N Tarnowicz-Staniak, M Deiana, Z Pokładek, M Samoć, ...
RSC advances 10 (66), 40489-40507, 2020
Interactions of isophorone derivatives with DNA: spectroscopic studies
M Deiana, K Matczyszyn, J Massin, J Olesiak-Banska, C Andraud, ...
PLoS One 10 (6), e0129817, 2015
Specific recognition of G-quadruplexes over duplex-DNA by a macromolecular NIR two-photon fluorescent probe
M Deiana, B Mettra, L Martinez-Fernandez, LM Mazur, K Pawlik, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (23), 5915-5920, 2017
Interactions of a biocompatible water-soluble anthracenyl polymer derivative with double-stranded DNA
M Deiana, B Mettra, K Matczyszyn, K Piela, D Pitrat, J Olesiak-Banska, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (45), 30318-30327, 2015
Unravelling the binding mechanism of a poly (cationic) anthracenyl fluorescent probe with high affinity toward double-stranded DNA
M Deiana, B Mettra, K Matczyszyn, D Pitrat, J Olesiak-Banska, ...
Biomacromolecules 17 (11), 3609-3618, 2016
A site-specific self-assembled light-up rotor probe for selective recognition and stabilization of c-MYC G-quadruplex DNA
M Deiana, K Chand, J Jamroskovic, RN Das, I Obi, E Chorell, N Sabouri
Nanoscale 12 (24), 12950-12957, 2020
Molecular design and structural characterization of photoresponsive azobenzene-based polyamide units
M Dudek, Z Pokładek, M Deiana, K Matczyszyn
Dyes and Pigments 180, 108501, 2020
Effective control of the intrinsic DNA morphology by photosensitive polyamines
M Deiana, Z Pokladek, K Matczyszyn, P Mlynarz, M Buckle, M Samoc
Journal of materials chemistry B 5 (5), 1028-1038, 2017
Reversible photocontrol of DNA melting by visible‐light‐responsive F4‐coordinated azobenzene compounds
M Dudek, M Deiana, Z Pokladek, K Pawlik, K Matczyszyn
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (71), 18963-18970, 2018
Light-induced modulation of chiral functions in G-quadruplex–photochrome systems
M Dudek, M Deiana, K Szkaradek, MJ Janicki, Z Pokładek, RW Góra, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12 (39), 9436-9441, 2021
Light-induced in situ chemical activation of a fluorescent probe for monitoring intracellular G-quadruplex structures
M Deiana, M Mosser, T Le Bahers, E Dumont, M Dudek, ...
Nanoscale 13 (32), 13795-13808, 2021
Unravelling the cellular emission fingerprint of the benchmark G-quadruplex-interactive compound Phen-DC 3
M Deiana, J Jamroskovic, I Obi, N Sabouri
Chemical Communications 56 (91), 14251-14254, 2020
Light-driven chiroptical photoswitchable DNA assemblies mediated by bioinspired photoresponsive molecules
M Dudek, M Deiana, Z Pokladek, P Mlynarz, M Samoc, K Matczyszyn
Nanoscale 10 (24), 11302-11306, 2018
Two-photon macromolecular probe based on a Quadrupolar Anthracenyl scaffold for sensitive recognition of serum proteins under simulated physiological conditions
M Deiana, B Mettra, LM Mazur, C Andraud, M Samoc, C Monnereau, ...
ACS omega 2 (9), 5715-5725, 2017
Probing the binding mechanism of photoresponsive azobenzene polyamine derivatives with human serum albumin
M Deiana, Z Pokladek, M Ziemianek, N Tarnowicz, P Mlynarz, M Samoc, ...
RSC advances 7 (10), 5912-5919, 2017
Remote-control of the enantiomeric supramolecular recognition mediated by chiral azobenzenes bound to human serum albumin
M Deiana, Z Pokladek, M Dudek, SG Mucha, LM Mazur, K Pawlik, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (32), 21272-21275, 2017
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