Reda Derdak
Reda Derdak
University Hassan II Casablanca
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Insights on Health and Food Applications of Equus asinus (Donkey) Milk Bioactive Proteins and Peptides—An Overview
R Derdak, S Sakoui, OL Pop, CI Muresan, DC Vodnar, B Addoum, ...
Foods 9 (9), 1302, 2020
The life hidden inside caves: ecological and economic importance of bat guano
S Sakoui, R Derdak, B Addoum, A Serrano-Delgado, A Soukri, B El Khalfi
International Journal of Ecology 2020 (1), 9872532, 2020
Screening, optimization and characterization of exopolysaccharides produced by novel strains isolated from Moroccan raw donkey milk
R Derdak, S Sakoui, OL Pop, DC Vodnar, B Addoum, A Elmakssoudi, ...
Food Chemistry: X 14, 100305, 2022
The first study of probiotic properties and biological activities of lactic acid bacteria isolated from Bat guano from Er-rachidia, Morocco
S Sakoui, R Derdak, B Addoum, OL Pop, DC Vodnar, R Suharoschi, ...
LWT 159, 113224, 2022
Effect of encapsulated probiotic in Inulin-Maltodextrin-Sodium alginate matrix on the viability of Enterococcus mundtii SRBG1 and the rheological parameters of fermented milk
S Sakoui, R Derdak, OL Pop, DC Vodnar, B Addoum, BE Teleky, ...
Current Research in Food Science 5, 1713-1719, 2022
Isolation and identification of dominant bacteria from raw donkey milk produced in a region of Morocco by QIIME 2 and evaluation of their antibacterial activity
R Derdak, J Quinteiro, S Sakoui, B Addoum, J Rodríguez Castro, ...
The Scientific World Journal 2021 (1), 6664636, 2021
Donkey Milk Bioactive Proteins and Peptides, Health and Food Applications–A review
R Derdak, OL Pop, S Sakoui, C Muresan, DC Vodnar, B Addoum, ...
Preprints, 2020
Synthesis and molecular docking studies of some pyrano [2, 3-c] pyrazole as an Inhibitor of SARS-Coronavirus 3CL protease
B Addoum, B El Khalfi, S Sakoui, R Derdak, A Elmakssoudi, A Soukri
Lett. Appl. NanoBioscience 11, 3780, 2022
Synthesis, characterization of pyrano-[2, 3-c]-pyrazoles derivatives and determination of their antioxidant activities
B Addoum, M Idiken, S Sakoui, R Derdak, O Aniq Filali, A Elmakssoudi, ...
Iranian Journal of Toxicology 15 (3), 175-194, 2021
The one-pot synthesis of some bioactive pyranopyrazoles and evaluation of their protective behavior against extracellular H2O2 and SNP in T. Thermophila.
B Addoum, R Derdak, S Sakoui, A Elmakssoudi, A Soukri
Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences 14 (1), 2021
Synthesis, in vitro Antimicrobial Activity, and Docking Studies of some Pyrano [2, 3-c] Pyrazole Derivatives
B Addoum, B El Khalfi, R Derdak, S Sakoui, A Elmakssoudi, A Soukri
Biointerface Res. Appl. Chem 12, 4705-4730, 2022
Cryoprotective effect of pyrano-[2, 3-C]-Pyrazoles on H2O2 induced damage in Tetrahymena thermophila
A Boutaina, H Sitel, B El Khalfi, R Derdak, S Sakoui, A Elmakssoudi, ...
Biointerface Res Appl Chem 13 (4), 2023
Optimisation and characterization of α-D-glucan produced by Bacillus velezensis RSDM1 and evaluation of its protective effect on oxidative stress in Tetrahymena thermophila …
R Derdak, S Sakoui, OL Pop, DC Vodnar, B Addoum, BE Teleky, ...
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 222, 3229-3242, 2022
The ultrasonic degradation of a pharmaceutical formulation including gentamicin sulfate and parabens: Optimization of operational parameters, antibacterial activity assessment …
M Sandaoui, MA Aboulfadile, S Sakoui, R Derdak, B El Khalfi, ...
Journal of Water Process Engineering 58, 104875, 2024
The antimicrobial effectiveness of Rosmarinus officinalis, Lavandula angustifolia, and Salvia officinalis essential oils against Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas …
F Mourabiti, R Derdak, A El Amrani, G Momen, M Timinouni, A Soukri, ...
South African Journal of Botany 168, 112-123, 2024
Exploring Technological, Safety and Probiotic Properties of Enterococcus Strains: Impact on Rheological Parameters in Fermented Milk
S Sakoui, R Derdak, OL Pop, DC Vodnar, F Jouga, BE Teleky, B Addoum, ...
Foods 13 (4), 586, 2024
Research Article Isolation and Identification of Dominant Bacteria from Raw Donkey Milk Produced in a Region of Morocco by QIIME 2 and Evaluation of Their Antibacterial Activity
R Derdak, J Quinteiro, S Sakoui, B Addoum, JR Castro, MR Méndez, ...
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